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Coronavirus Crisis Appeal

Support the most vulnerable and discriminated communities to survive this crisis.







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A donation of £22 can provide 1 month basic food for a tribal community in rural India..

Minimum donation is £3


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Support the most vulnerable and discriminated communities to survive this crisis.

The situation in India is again becoming desperate with the most vulnerable and marginalised people suffering most. This second COVID-19 wave is spreading faster than before and overwhelming health care facilities.

Like before, the pandemic continues to paralyze people’s lives in many states, leading to night curfews and partial or complete lockdowns. The threat of a prolonged national lockdown is looming for millions dependent on daily wages, creating panic among migrant workers. Thousands have already begun heading to their home states, with many certain to follow if the situation does not improve soon.

Emergency Supplies
Emergency supplies arrive in remote villages in rural Maharashtra
Social Distance
Partners establish social distancing measures to ensure people can access supplies safely

Our Immediate Emergency Response

Our first priority is to support those directly impacted by the crisis. This includes:

  • Distributing emergency supplies, food kits and sanitation equipment
  • Communicating accurate information on preventative healthcare, (including social distancing, use of PPE and sanitizers, and vaccinations) for vulnerable communities 
  • Working closely with local Governments to ensure emergency relief and welfare support reaches the most vulnerable
  • Supporting people to get access to medical care by providing ambulance services and life-saving oxygen
  • Protecting women and girls vulnerable to increased risk of violence

Global Cooperation, Collective Vulnerability

The crisis is a global issue, and while the communities we work with may live in the margins, their health and well-being affects us all.

We will be doing everything we can to meet the increasing need in India and Nepal - but we need your help to respond. Please, support us by making a donation below so that we can make sure the most vulnerable families survive this crisis.

Thank you.