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As a charity inspired by Buddhist values, we place great importance on showing our true fundraising costs and exactly how precious funds are used.

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Our Financial Summary 2023

The combined income for Karuna UK, Germany (De) and USA for 2022-23 amounted to £3,427,876, representing an increase of £525,336 from the previous year and reflecting the sustained commitment and generosity of our supporters during financially challenging times.

Income from individual donors was £2,003,296 and £1,309,274 from Trusts and Institutions. £58,265 came from legacies and £40,801 from investment income. Direct fundraising costs across the charities accounted for 15% of income. We invested £521,362 in fundraising and a further £285,881 in administrative support for the UK, including costs of IT, financial processing, and communication. A further £72,382 was allocated to Governance costs across the three charities, a reduction year-on-year of £13,883. 

During the year we were able to add £279,141 to our combined reserves. This included funds received by Karuna Germany from the EU for use in 2023/24 for a major new project tackling violence against women in India. 

Looking ahead, our goal is to increase our combined income by 20% enabling us to extend our reach to more communities in need. This will require a focused effort to expand the organisation’s reach, deepen its impact and secure new funding. In all, we aim to commit £8.8 million towards achieving our programme goals over the next 3 years. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters for their steadfast commitment to our work with marginalised communities in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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